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Colton Ray

This is just my personal blog where I post whatever I feel. No real consistency at the moment. 

I'm a recent college grad. I majored in English and no, I don't want to be a teacher. 

Yes, I'm one of those millennials, whatever that means. 

I'm really not fond of labeling myself or subscribing to groups; I'd rather discuss the issues and let people have their own opinions of me. 

I love writing and reading and language. Always have, always will. I enjoy reading everything, even the back of the shampoo bottle.

I was a nerdy kid who disassociated with nerd "culture" as a teenager, but recently I've come to accept that I am and always will be a nerd or a geek, whatever relevance those terms have anymore. By this, I mean I enjoy obscure music, all manner of books, retro video games, old nostalgia from my childhood, and my typical Friday night involves staying in and writing. 

But like I said, not really fond of labels. Not under the delusion that I'm anything special, but I do believe I have a unique perspective of things and a gift for communicating that perspective to others with hopefully some entertainment value. 

Still, I've got big plans and I'm working toward them every day. My goal is to be a well-rounded and interesting individual with as many hobbies as possible, My main hobbies at the moment include:

Learning new musical instruments
Learning new languages

So, that's me. This blog is just for fun, where I'll discuss my views of the world. Everything here is personal opinions.

I'll never tell you what to think; I just want to get you thinking.

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