Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Whisper, a Howl

And there's an uncertain wavering light
Slicing through the windowblinds
Orange lines like bars across my forehead
And the air inside this room feels much too thick
My bare legs beneath the blankets are warm and slick
With anxious sweat, the things we try to forget
Crawl back from underneath our beds and
Hover haunting above our heads
Outside a dog howl breaks the night
Reminds me how with every passing second
The light is dying within our eyes
Down the hall there are photographs
Of places we can never go back
Into the bodies we used to have
Scars never grow back, bones never uncrack
With every gray night that fades away
Every circling waltz of the moon
Drags us farther from those photographs

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

We'll Be Dust One Day

It's an old man with a tattoo on his neck
A young girl with scars on her legs
A storm is brewing out in the Atlantic
And my heart is full of holes

There's footprints in the attic
Interstates full of traffic
There's dust on my soul
It's criminal, the memory

Up and down the west coast
The people die and the flowers grow
And I'm just sick of growing old
There's always war in the back of my brain

It's a guitar with broken strings
The birds flew south before the snows came
Passed out in the front yard again
And he won't forget, she won't forgive

It's sweaty arms and sore throats
It's the quiet things that no one knows
About you and me, our darkest dreams
There's a ghost inside my skin

The constellations behind the clouds
The stars bleed and the sun burns out
It's the waves of Lake Michigan
And the sound of broken glass

It's the bodies in the lake
It's the pictures that you wish you didn't take
The way you held me in your arms
The taste of you inside my skull

The smell of gasoline after the accident
All your childhood Christmas lists
The warmth of the southern breeze,
The saltwater air, your blood in my mouth

I've been lost before
And I've been safe before
I've been hurt before
Hurt me
Hurt me
Some more

I've been under the ice so many times
Holding my breath and watching the sky
Waiting for you like a funeral
I was waiting for you till the moon came out
And the rains and the floods washed away
The thought of you, that you could ever be
I wanted to, I wanted you to want me too